Used Vehicles

Good used cars – Specializing in pre-owned, used Volvos. Come to 12 – 5th Street in Courtenay (near the Fifth Street bridge and opposite Lewis Park) and check them out.

Find a certain car or vehicle. We have excellent connections and can quickly find a certain car or vehicle for you.

Used RVs, trailers, campers – We do sell some of our used RVs (recreational vehicles). Call and inquire.

Volvo, Lada, British cars, RV accessories and parts

1-year guarantee on all new parts! 90-day guarantee on used parts.

Ideal for do-it-yourselfers who wish to keep costs down. We can ship parts to Vancouver Island, B.C. Interior, Northern British Columbia, Alberta, almost anywhere.

We have a large inventory of Volvo and Lada parts which we sell to people doing their own repairs and we also sell wholesale parts to the automotive trade.

Free installation of some parts such as head lights, tail lights, and signal bulbs. Please ask.

If you need repair manuals for your particular vehicle, we may have it in stock, or can quickly get one for you.

Alpine Premier snow chains and installation – New, used (also on consignment), and rentals. Ideal for driving to and from the local Mount Washington ski hills. Repairs to damaged and broken snow tire chains.

We will explain and show how to properly fit the chains to your tires. Drivers prefer the Alpine Premier chains for their ease of installation, durability and smooth ride. Alpine Premier passenger tire chains are the best-selling tire chains in North America. The flexible hoop on the backside of the tire allows for a quick and easy installation without moving or lifting the vehicle.

Alpine Premier snow chains contain a built-in tightening system and are recommended for class “S” vehicles as well as vehicles with ABS. The Diamond Back Square Link tire chains have a SAE Class (S) clearance. The square-link construction with a diamond pattern has excellent traction, smooth ride and long wear.

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