Automotive Maintenance, Service and Repair


Volvo, Older BMW, Lada, MG, Austin, Jaguar, Triumph, Land Rover, Toyota, Older Mercedes, Volkswagen, Honda, plus Domestic, British and Asian foreign cars, pickups, trucks and vans.

    Fast, honest, fair-priced and correct repairs!

  • We offer rides to your work or your home locations, or you can wait in our coffee room.
  • We offer guarantees on our repair work and a one-year guarantee on all new parts. Used parts have a 90 day guarantee.
  • The repair costs are usually lower than what we estimate. Our reputation is one word – HONESTY. We use a time clock for the time that the mechanic spends on repairing a vehicle, not flat-rate times. We can usually repair the vehicle under flat-rate times and only charge the customer for the time spent on their vehicle repairs. The mechanic clocks off the customer’s car when they go for coffee and clocks back onto the vehicle when they return.
  • We explain the repairs required, costs and offer alternative parts – either original parts, aftermarket lower-priced parts and at times, good used parts. We always like to show the customer their old failed parts.
  • Suggestions and cost estimates for any other problems we have noticed will be given. Preventative maintenance will save you money in the long run, as preventative maintenance can be cheaper than repairs. A well-maintained vehicle is one that you can depend on, and will give you peace-of-mind. Knowing you will not be let down and stranded right when you need it the most!
  • There are many repair facilities in Courtenay and the Comox Valley. We always endeavor to correctly diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs. We will also check over the car and may make recommendations for services or repairs needed at a later date. You will receive an estimate of costs; including parts and labor, rather than just having parts replaced indiscriminately.


  • Diagnosis of a problem with a vehicle is critical to keeping repair costs down. Our mechanics have many years under their belts in the trade. They regularly take upgrading courses to keep up with the latest in automotive diagnosis and repairs. To help diagnose problems with vehicles, we use a large amount of specialized equipment. Such as “Snap-On” diagnostic equipment, smoke machines, transmission-flush machines, wheel balancers, and welders. All for fast and efficient repairs. Our mechanics understand the workings of an automobile, such as disc brakes, fuel injection, computers, oxygen sensors, automatic transmissions, power steering, electronic circuitry, ABS brakes, etc.


  • Pre-purchase inspections can tell you the real condition of the car you are considering buying. This is a very worthwhile investment – it can save you money, and be a valuable bargaining tool in negotiations. We will give an honest evaluation of the vehicle, and a cost estimate of suggested repairs. You will have a better understanding of what you may have to spend on repairs if you buy the vehicle and you will know the shape and condition that the vehicle is in.